What is SEI☆ZA?
2016. World-first GIRL’S BUDO ENTERTAINMENT “SEI☆ZA” starts from Japan!
Women who have their own martial arts background mainly from Myanmar, Nepal, China, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, also from western countries head for Japan to master BUDO’S techniques and ways of thinking.
After 8 months of training, those female fighters make their debut with SEI☆ZA which has original rules and principles.
GIRL’S BUDO ENTERTAINMENT SEI☆ZA is the world-first rearing BUDO entertainment from Japan!


Female BUDO-Ka with backgrounds of Karate, Judo, Sumo,Chinese martial arts,Taikyoku-ken, Combat Sambo,Krav Maga ,Taekwon-Do,Myanmar- Lethwei, Wushu ,Muay Thai,come to join GIRL’S BUDO ENTERTAINMENT SEI☆ZA. In July, they come to Japan which is the mother country of BUDO. Then they will start training to make debut in January 2017.
GIRL’S BUDO ENTERTAINMENT SEI☆ZA’s rules, ring, costume etc are not decided yet. Fans can join discussions to decide it. For example, we make fight rules, ring, costume with fans, organizers, BUDO-Ka, fighters by open-discussions based on SEI☆ZA’s principles.

e.g.) What kind of fighting costume?
e.g.) What kind of ring
e.g.) What kind of training? Who teaches?
e.g.) Weight-limit? Or open-weight?
e.g.) Separated by countries or just shuffle them?
e.g.) When we have subjects to discuss, we talk with fans. Those processes become contents itself.

GIRL’S BUDO ENTERTAINMENT SEI☆ZA visualize every process such as training, rule-making, fights!

・We update you female Budo-ka’s training, lessons, dormitory life by movies, pictures and articles.
・By following female Budo-ka’s life everyday, you see fighter’s motivation and reasons to fight.
・Women who join SEI☆ZA are unknown at first but through the making-process you get to know their passion, thinking and characters.
・We feature not only strong fighters but also weak women, look like common people and unexpected figures who have guts and sprits. So many unique characters which can not be only defined as “sports” appear on the scene one after another.

GIRL’S BUDO ENTERTAINMENT SEI☆ZA pursuit not only strength but also philosophy and way of thinking.


We plan to hold first event of Pro-BUDO SEI☆ZA in January 2017. We hold events with card like world team match, ranking match and title match on regular basis. We also keep introducing new participants.

We will inform you more details from May 2016! Please stay tuned!!
SEI☆ZA Coming Soon!!!
SEI☆ZA’s bones of fighting concept

☆ SEI☆ZA is not sports but way of life
☆ SEI☆ZA must be beautiful
☆ SEI☆ZA is based on mind and spirit
☆ SEI☆ZA is basically open-weight
☆ SEI☆ZA must not be brutal and dangerous
☆ SEI☆ZA must not injure opponents
☆ SEI☆ZA’s rules are made of your own pride
☆ SEI☆ZA must be entreating to people
☆ SEI☆ZA is a project to make people from the world grow up regardless of nationalities, races, ideologies.
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