SEI☆ZAガールズのグルメ日記・ユリア編 (SEI☆ZA Girls Eat!) Julija Vol.3


Welcome back to SEI☆ZA Girls Eat!
Julija Vol. 3!

This past week Julija hasn’t been eating out! Everything looks good but…. all of that condensed milk on those pancakes… Isn’t that TOO sweet???


“Don’t really know what to say 😀 just usual stuff I used to eat … the only thing on last days less carbs more meat and fish cuz need to cut weight for SEIZA.”

“I need to eat more protein, because carbs makes me heavy.”

“I always do it so no fails 😀 tastes good 😀 Meat and fish make me happy… not as happy as chocolate but it’s still good.”