SEI☆ZAガールズのグルメ日記・ラダ&ラジーナ編 (SEI☆ZA Girls Eat!) Radha & Rajina Vol. 3


Welcome back to SEI☆ZA Girls Eat!
Radha & Rajina Vol. 3!

Week 3 of SEIZA’s Gourmet living!!
Radha and Rajina just can’t seem to get enough of eating Nepalese food! Is this their second time visiting the restaurant???

“Foods  of this week we have yogurt, bitten rice, ramen, Nepali spicy momo (fried dumplings) , nepali thakali food
, and porridge thank you.”

“And the first one i cooked some fish in the oven and ate it with some vegetables and the second picture is coffee with bread salad.”